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Modern European internal STILE doors made of MDF for GREKO veneer and wood for PREMIUM veneer as standard with adjustable and casing fences.

Set including door leaf, frame base and frame beam.
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    • Non-rebated door leaf made in STILE technology
    • MDF rails covered in GREKO decors and vertical wooden rails covered with thin HDF in PREMIUM decors
    • HDF boards 1 ⅝’’ thick covered with GREKO or PREMIUM decors



    • Two hidden hinges regulated
    • Magnetic lock, cylinder lock, economy lock or bathroom lock



    • Milk or transparent hardened glass fixed on standard or VSG 221 security type of glass, smooth on both sides additionally charged
    • Possibility to modify glazing for REVERSE (OBVERSE in standard glazing)

    Learn about our Door Textures

    ST CPL 


    Laminate consists of a decorative layer impregnated in resins and a bottom layer giving elasticity. After the lamination process, the top (resin) layer is hardened and this achieves high scratch and abrasion resistance. It is characterized by high resistance to impact, abrasion, scratches as well as high temperatures and UV radiation. The use of this type of material allows the use of doors in rooms "Difficult" [exposed to higher temperatures, humidity or above average operation].




    Premium veneer is a product based on PolyPropylene (PP), i.e. a material with very high resistance to abrasion and scratching, and at the same time with high visual qualities. It gives the door leaves a noble look and an individual profile, and faithfully reproduces natural wood. Premium veneer convinces not only with its appearance but also with functionality, because it is extremely scratch-resistant, flame-retardant and protected against abrasion. These features cause that the products from the PREMIUM line, thanks to their properties guarantee long-term trouble-free use even in difficult operating conditions.




    Greco veneer is a pre-impregnated foil, i.e. printed and protected with varnish with the desired properties. The use of refining finishing layers of structures for surface resistance and product application. The content of silicone in the varnish means that the film is characterized by increasing water resistance. Greco veneer is produced on the basis of high-performance Japanese paper, non-resinized paper. Thanks to this, the film is ecological, safe for health, people and the environment of two people in the production and use process as well as in the utilization. It doesn't contain: formaldehyde or other harmful substances. What makes Greko foil different is the unique design. There is a high surface quality here with the effect of natural wood (3D effect). This decor absolutely looks like wood.

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