Ibiza | Black | European Door Handle

Ibiza door handle is characterized by a very simple and minimalistic design. It is distinguished by square shapes. It is a door handle that will definitely stand out with its modern design, which will emphasize the appearance of your door. The handle has a return spring, so that when pressed automatically returns to the correct position, i.e. horizontal. Double Allen clamps facilitate and stabilize the handle assembly and affect the long life of the product. Handles are mounted with through bolts or screws.

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The handle has proven technical solutions that affect the durability of the product:


  • Double handle support system; the handle when pressed automatically returns to the correct position (horizontal),
  • Double Allen clamp system that stabilizes the handle assembly and affects a long time of trouble-free operation.


The original kit includes:


  • a set of door handles for one door (2 pieces: left and right handle),
  • a set of mounting elements: through bolts and wood screws
  • connecting bolt for the standard 8 x 8 mm lock.