• FVS skylight is similar to FVE - the main difference is the application of the photovoltaic set consisting of PV panel with integrated battery.
  • Low emission heat reflecting double glazing; available in tempered-tempered (G3) or tempered-laminated (G31) version.
  • Internal gasket system protects frame and drywall from condensation.
  • Easy, “bracket free” installation system.
  • Suitable for roof pitches between 15-85°.
  • The PV panel is fitted on the skylight hood using a metal console.
  • FVS skylights are equipped with a Z-wave radio control system, allowing for smart home system integration.
  • Built in rain sensors.
  • Insect screen comes as standard.
  • Wide range of accessories available.

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FVS | 306 (22 1⁄2" x 45 1⁄2") | Solar Powered Venting Deck-Mounted Skylight with Laminated Low-E Glass

FAKRO FVS solar powered deck mounted skylights are the autonomous products which do not require connection to the mains. Energy generated by photovoltaic panel is stored by an integrated battery.

FVS skylights are ideal solutions for out of reach applications. While providing natural light their venting feature brings in a fresh air.

FVS residential skylights are equipped with rain sensors which are not active when the skylight is closed and are activated with a few seconds delay only after opening the skylight.

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