• Allows to walk across its entire surface freely
  • Frame made from multiple chamber PVC profiles
  • Excellent thermal insulation of the window, Uw = 0.12 Btu/h ft2 F
  • Anti-slip coating ensures the safety of use
  • Ensures the illumination of the room under the window
  • Increased resistance to moisture
  • Highly energy efficient and safe glazing units
  • Increased resistance to break-in attempts thanks to reinforced design
  • Range of internal accessories

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DXW DW6 | (24" x 24") | Walkable Flat Skylight 3x-Glazed

The Walkable Skylight DXW offers a completely new approach to be taken with flat roof design. Modernized materials and advanced technology in the construction industry allow for buildings to have useable flat roofs.

In this type of architecture it is very common to have rooms where it is not possible to install standard roof windows. Ideally, each room should offer a source of natural light to make the user feel comfortable. A solution in such cases is the installation of specially designed products for flat roofs.

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