• New MK-Door exterior doors configurator.

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    Luxahaus Wholesale
    was born out of the idea of entrepreneurs!

    We work with people and companies who want to expand their assortment and range of activities in the market. We use 30 years of experience in the construction industry to scale up the business with our partners. We bring proven solutions from Europe to reach new customers.

    European doors and windows are a breath of fresh air!

    Door and window systems in the USA are different from those in Europe, which gives us the opportunity to reach customers who know these solutions and are looking for them. Carefully selected brands and proven factories are our guarantee of quality. Our European branch of Luxahaus makes sure that every stage of pre-sales takes place correctly, supervises the work and end result of the factories and ensures safe transport.

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    • we help to set up an account
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    • we present proven solutions
    • we guarantee development and unlimited earnings
    • you decide how and when you work
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