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Welcome to the LUXAHAUS WHOLESALE website, go through the site and find out why you should consider selling Erkado doors in your shop which are different from the ones you have on offer. Please check out the most sophisticated front door personalisation tools on the market and always surprise your customers with the multitude of choices and offer them what they want every time!

  • Start with the material and choose the right color. Our configurator allows you to personalise your doors from scratch. Choose a material from the many options available and feel the power of choice. Not that shade and color? It's a thing of the past. From now on, you decide about everything. Your door is your choice.

  • Standard clear glass, or maybe a milky decoration? There are many possibilities that affect both the appearance and functionality of the wing. The glass offered in our doors is safe and well made. Create the perfect door, choose your delivery options and enjoy the idea that has become a reality

  • There are so many companies supplying door hardware and you don't know which supplier to choose? Don't bother. We have selected the best European suppliers and their products. All you have to do is choose the model you like and we'll take care of the highest quality.

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