The bathroom is the center of relaxation in every home. In this room you can rest after a hard day and wash away all negative emotions. Bathroom decor is a real challenge - it should be both cozy and functional. The entire interior should be arranged so that it constitutes an integral whole and pleases the eye. But how can this be achieved?

Bathroom vanities - from antique to modern

In the bathroom with no doubt sanitation plays the first fiddle. For this reason, furniture is often pushed to the background as an insignificant part of the decor. That’s a big mistake! Bathroom vanities are able to completely change the character of the interior and add elegance or a more homely feel to it. How to choose the perfect one?

The first step is to choose the colors that interest you. Black vanity may be less glamorous but easier to care for on a daily basis. Dirt on their surface is not so visible, so they do not require frequent cleaning. On the other hand, white vanity looks very elegant and adds style to the bathroom and a slightly more "clean" look.

Of course, bathroom vanities in light, dark and natural wood colors also remain. This type of furniture is the perfect choice for those who value tradition or want to add a more classic look to the interior. A wooden bathroom vanity naturally makes the room seem more cozy and homely, which automatically contributes into your well-being.

What about a style? There is full freedom here - from richly carved, stylized antique vanities to more modern and simplified models. Of course, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, such as ease of cleaning and good appearance.

Bathroom vanities - double or single sink?

Bathroom should be not only beautiful, but also functional. It is a room, that supposed to serve you and your family every day, so it is worth considering its arrangement carefully. One of the most important functions in the bathroom is the sink. In it you wash your face and brush your teeth every morning and every evening. How many sinks should you have in your bathroom?

Much depends on the size of the bathroom and the needs of your household. If you have a large family and a lot of space to use, you should think about a double sink vanity. This solution will make your morning activities easier and help you improve your daily going to work or school. Double sink vanities usually take up little more space than their single counterparts, and can make everyday life a lot easier. However, the single bathroom vanity is still the most-chosen solution. This kind of furniture works best in most bathrooms - especially small ones.