Moldings are mainly used to mask the place of contact of the wall with the floor (baseboard and baseshoe), walls with the ceiling (crown) or the door area (casing). In addition, in our offer you can find architraves, wainscoting, groove paneling and more!

Aesthetic function

The presented range includes many designs and colors, so you can choose moldings that match the interior. The moldings primarily have an aesthetic function. Thanks to them, you can arrange the interior in various ways. White moldings perfectly match both modern and classic interiors.

Other features

In addition to the aesthetic function, moldings are important because they protect the floor surface from damage. In addition, they act as a silencing layer, helping to reduce the sound. Importantly, certain examples can be used for underfloor heating.

Moulding mask the expansion gap, which role is to protect the floor against bulging (due to moisture).

Another function of the mouldings is to protect the wall from damage and dirt. In particular, when you vacuum or mop floors, it's easy to leave unsightly marks. The moldings are more resistant than plaster or paint, which is why they protect the wall well.

Mouldings allow cables to be easily and aesthetically distributed around a room.

A wide range of mouldings

The slats we offer are made of high quality material. They ensure failure-free, durability and reliability for many years. In our store we only offer high quality mouldings. You will find here the recognized brands: Alexandria, Empire and Metrie. Strips are available in various sizes from small (2 ') to large (16' or RL).

You can choose from mouldings made of different materials. Among others: clay coat, FJ Pine, FJ Poplar Primed, Fingerjoint Pine, MDF, Pine, Poplar, Primed, Primed FJ Pine, Solind Pine.

Choosing a moulding is a very important stage of finishing the house. Mouldings are a small detail, which, although it is not visible at first glance, has a large impact on the arrangement of the house. The correct position of the mouldings makes the room look neat, elegant and attractive. It is worth choosing strips in such a way that their colors are consistent with the color of the floors and the color of the door.