The inside of the rigid light tunnel’s tube acts much like a mirror, effectively reflecting light through the tube into space below. The tube’s interior is lined with a silver light-reflective layer illuminating a room with even the highest ceiling, making the SRT rigid light tunnel suitable for almost any type of residential or industrial building.




  • Light tunnel with rigid light transmitting tube with a length of 61cm.
  • Tunnel tube can be extended using a special SRM extension kit.
  • The light tunnel consists of installation frame, specially profiled aluminium cover and dome made of stabilized polycarbonate.
  • Light tunnels are suitable for roofs with pitches from 0  15deg
  • Base of the light tunnel is filled inside with insulation material to secure excellent thermal insulation performance.
  • The base is made of recycled material; therefore, the product is eco-friendly.

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SRH-L | 14" | Light Tunnel with Rigid Tube for Tile Roof

The FAKRO flat roof light tunnels make it possible to illuminate with natural light all rooms under flat roofs. The solution based on proven design of the type C flat roof window with a dome to ensure high durability and tightness.

Application of light tunnels allows daylight to rooms under flat roofs. In other rooms light tunnels can constitute an additional light source, enhancing the user's comfort and saving energy.

The light tunnel carries daylight via the light transmitting tube. Sunlight is reflected from the walls of the tube and is directed downwards to the diffuser. The diffuser which is fitted in the ceiling evenly distributes natural light, illuminating the room.

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