Apparently, the devil is in the details - and this principle applies especially to decorating a dream house. Countertops play an important role in the overall appearance of an interior, because they fulfill several functions. Their matching to the overall decor is very important, both in terms of color and style. Which countertop will be perfect for you? 

Kitchen countertops - granite or quartz? 

The kitchen is a heart of every home. In that room you prepare tasty meals and spend time with your loved ones. The kitchen should therefore be very cozy and homely, but at the same time fully functional. How can you achieve all of this? 

Well-chosen kitchen countertops will help you get your dream effect. When choosing it, it is worth taking into account not only the color matching, but also functionality. Granite countertops are by far the most durable, but they also weigh a lot. So before buying, it is worth considering whether your kitchen furniture will be able to bear such a load.   

Granite countertops looks very good, mainly due to the huge number of unique patterns in very unusual colors. They have one more advantage - their patterned surface does not show as much contamination as smooth once, so they do not require constant cleaning. This type of stone does not react chemically with any acids (e.g. lemon juice), so there is no risk that unsightly stains will appear on its surface over time. 

Quartz countertops will also work great in the kitchen. They are much lighter than granite, so they can be placed even on less durable furniture. Due to the smooth surface and the lack of visible joints, they look great especially in modern interiors. Thanks to their compact structure, quartz countertops perfectly match the furniture made to measure. They are very durable, resistant to temperatures and acids. Additionally, unlike their granite counterparts, quartz countertops can be dyed any solid color. This makes it much easier to match them to the interior and a specific design. 

Bathroom countertops - marble or porcelain? 

The bathroom is our comfort and relaxation zone after a long day. Its decor should please the eye and bring joy every time we enter it. The furnishings inside the bathroom should therefore be elegant, but at the same time easy to clean. 

Marble countertops are one of the most popular choice for bathrooms. They look great, have many color and aesthetic variants (polished and matte), as well as great chemical properties. They don’t absorb water, are resistant to small splashes and very easy to clean. 

Porcelain countertops are another frequently chosen element of bathroom decor. This is one of the most graceful materials - easy to arrange, elegant and quite durable. Porcelain countertops are also one of the cheaper ones, so practically everyone can afford them.