Properly selected furniture plays a key role in home design. They give the rooms character and make the interior more cozy. Both colors and durability are important - after all, furniture should serve us for years and look good despite the passage of time. How to choose the perfect kitchen cabinets? How to match them to the finished interior and what to consider while buying?

Kitchen cabinets - dark, light or natural wooden?

The kitchen is the most important room in the house. This room reflects the character of the owner, who can express his passion for a particular style through the decor. Kitchen is not only the place where you prepare your meals - it is also the main meeting point and center of every home. Let's make it cozy and functional at the same time then - but how?

Kitchen cabinets contribute a lot to the first impression of a kitchen. They can make its interior look very homely and cozy, or on the contrary - they give it a modern, slightly austere look. It all depends on what color, style and design of kitchen cabinets you choose. Furniture in the color of natural wood will fit perfectly into rustic and traditional interiors, emphasizing the rest of the decor and giving the room a unique atmosphere.

Both dark and light wood will complement a kitchen arranged in almost any style. It's best to choose kitchen cabinets that are the color opposite of the rest of the kitchen and will perfectly contrast with its decor. For example - if you paint the walls in the kitchen in bright colors, choose dark wood furniture and matching household appliances. Of course, this is an option for the more adventurous, but this is one of the greatest advantages of wooden kitchen cabinets. Their versatility allows for any arrangement - you are only limited by your imagination.

How about a bit of white in kitchen cabinets?

White furniture is back in fashion! The colors we remember from our grandmothers' houses are now associated with modern, contrasting or matching interiors. White kitchen cabinets will brighten up the room and give it no exaggerated elegance. At the same time, they do not overwhelm the interior, and even optically enlarge it a bit.

Do white kitchen cabinets have any disadvantages? Sure - you need to clean them often. The white surface quickly catches dirt, so you need to wash it thoroughly at least once a week. However, the effect they give is worth the little effort.

How about black kitchen cabinets? Majestic and elegant furniture in dark colors is certainly a very universal solution. They are perfect for homes with small children, as they do not require cleaning as often as white kitchen cabinets.