Bathroom is your home spa, a temple of relaxation and a place of purification all rolled into one. Its decor has a direct impact on your well-being, so it is worth putting some effort into the arrangement. A particularly important element of every bathroom is the place where you take your bath. Comfort, ease of use and the possibility of many hours of rest are the main advantages that speak in favor of bathtubs. But how do you choose the perfect one? 

Bathtubs - how are they different? 

Seemingly, buying the perfect bathtubs is a simple task. Just take a bathroom measurement and then choose one of the available models, right? Well, not really. The first decision you have to make is to choose between build-in and freestanding tub. The first one is great for small spaces, while the second requires some extra space.  

Undoubtedly, the use of freestanding tub is much more convenient, mainly due to the possibility of arranging the space around it and easier cleaning. On the other hand, built-in bathtubs is easier to arrange for an existing interior. You can cover their outside with tiles or panels to give them a completely different look. 

Bathtubs can come in a variety of depths, lengths and even shapes. Adjusting the bathtub to a specific person is important especially in the case of people with unusual dimensions, e.g. very tall. In other cases, shape is the main thing. Some bathtubs are specially designed for long hours of lying, taking the shape more of a chair than a sanitation. 

Bathtubs - smaller or bigger? 

The bathtub should be adjusted to your dimensions, needs and the amount of time you spend in it. It is also worth paying attention to what materials it is made of and whether it is covered with an additional protective layer. The bathtub is designed to serve you every day for many years, so it's not worth saving on it. 

The most frequently chosen model in the US is a built-in bathtub with straight edges and standard depth. Lying in it for many hours can cause back pain, which, having no support, must take the weight of the whole body on itself. Such bathtubs are best for people who bathe for no longer than 30 minutes a day. 

Simple bathtubs are one of the cheapest once, so it’s normal that they are popular. However, it is worth remembering that the purchase of this type of sanitation is a one-time expense that will stay with you for many years. It's worth focusing on high quality and a good fit to your body. Bathtubs with different shapes and edges also have purely visual significance. The fancy shapes will surely attract the attention of your visitors and will please your eye every day.