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Comfortable solution

to meet our clients expectations

Enjoy the possibility of designing your dream bathroom vanity straight from the comfort of your own home. Choose size, shape, color, material - configure it however you like! Please click the link below to start the vanity configurator.

Witness the dawn of a NEW ERA

of home building and furnishing

Soon you will be able to design and order your dream home products. Our company is constantly working on a system that allows us to create our own variants of the products we offer in order to meet the expectations of every customer! Today experience the future! Start building your custom doors now! Click the link to see more!

Windows & Skylights

Open up for more.

With our windows, you will visualize more ideas to ensure a perfect finish to any interior and protection against deformation of window construction. With windows such as Jeld-Wen, Quaker, Marvin or European Eco Windows and skylights from Fakro and Velux you will bring light to every room in your home.

Interior Doors

Reliable with a modern design.

We guarantee highest quality of doors to exceed your expectations. We have the passion for selling products that will last for years

Exterior Doors

Timeless wood quality

With our large selection of style, design, colors and door hardware will allow you to choose the perfect door for you. Whether you prefer a classic or modern look, we can help you find the perfect selection with our European style doors.

Kitchen Cabinets

Your dream kitchen is just a call or click away

The perfect kitchen is not just for cooking but also for gathering. This is where the most important conversations take place in the heart of the family home. With timeless grays, whites and blacks with quartz, marble or wood-colored tops that will never go out of style. By choosing cabinets from Luxahaus LLC we can design a kitchen that reflects your style and all your needs.

Metal Glass Wall

Get the most out of Interior and Exterior design.

We offer custom-made metal walls. A modern space separation is ideal for your office and/or your home.


Feel luxurious surrounded by natural raw materials.

Timeless Granite, chic Marble? Or maybe a modern Natural Stones? We offer a wide range of colors and textures, you will certainly find both: Countertops that are designed just right for you.

Hardware and Door Accessories

Your safety comes first to us.

Did anyone say that nice doesn't mean safe? Nonsense! With our hardware, you don't have to worry about the security of your home. The offer includes both classic Door Handles and Code Locks. We also sell the latest generation - Door Handles, Locks and Inserts opened only with your smartphone.

Welcome to our showroom.

Luxahaus LLC is a prime building materials supplier. We strive to deliver wide variety of products, both local and special order. We partner with industry- leading brands to make sure our customers have access to the products and resources they need to build their dream home.

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